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About Us

Celebrating our 2nd annual Range FanCon

As we enter our second year, we’re excited to witness this community’s growth. We’re dedicated to crafting an event that not only honors the stories, characters, and art forms we love but also cultivates a space where friendships are forged, ideas are exchanged, and lifelong memories are made.


Welcome to Range FanCon, where the magic of comics, creativity, and community thrives on the Iron Range! We’re thrilled to embark on our second year, eagerly building upon the success of our inaugural event and expanding our community even further.

At Range FanCon, we’re passionate about cultivating an inclusive space that celebrates the vast spectrum of pop culture. Our mission is to foster connections, spark inspiration, and bring together enthusiasts, artists, and creators from near and far.

From captivating panels and interactive workshops to exhilarating cosplay showcases and artist alleys, Range FanCon is a haven where fans can fully immerse themselves in their favorite fandoms while discovering new passions. We’re committed to nurturing an environment that champions diversity, encourages self-expression, and revels in the boundless creativity that defines us all.

As we enter our second year, we’re excited to witness this community’s growth. We’re dedicated to crafting an event that not only honors the stories, characters, and art forms we love but also cultivates a space where friendships are forged, ideas are exchanged, and lifelong memories are made.

Range FanCon isn’t just an event; it’s a gathering of kindred spirits united by a shared love for comics, gaming, and creativity. We’re thrilled to welcome both returning and new faces as we continue this journey of celebration and discovery together on the Iron Range!

Join us in our excitement as we expand and enrich our community for the second straight year at Range FanCon. Let’s celebrate the joy of comics, gaming, and creativity together!

Range Fancon is organized by a committee of volunteers

meet The Committee

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Stephanie Wichlacz

a member of the Range FanCon team and assists with mapping, layouts, and other logistical details. Alternately, you could call her The Keeper of the Scrolls and Cartographer, which sounds so much cooler. Stephanie got interested in Comic Conventions through her work as a Youth Services Librarian, and hosted several mini-cons at the Virginia Public Library between 2017-2022. After these events evolved into Range FanCon, Stephanie stayed on board and has thoroughly enjoyed meeting and working with committee members, vendors, and fans to help this event reach its true potential! Stephanie is a fan of everything from fantasy and science fiction stories to manga, anime, and D&D art and creators. Personal favorites include Lord of the Rings (books and movies), Avatar: The Last Airbender, Over the Garden Wall, any Sherlock Holmes adaptation, and countless fantasy manga series.

Joseph Rick

An avid ttrpg player, over 30 years playing D&D and other similar games. I go by the moniker “DMThac0” for all the grognards out there! I love to watch anime and read manga, I’m constantly looking for new stuff. I’ve recently started looking into Cosplay, though I’m completely clueless on how to build one of my own…one day I’ll do a Samurai X, Nightcrawler, and possibly an Aizawa. You can often find me playing jrpg games, wasting all the time exploring in games like Horizon, or tinkering with incremental games to waste time. When I’m not letting my geek flag fly, I have also been practicing martial arts for over 20 years, though I still have yet to earn a black belt.

I love the Range FanCon team, we’ve created a great environment to work in. Everyone does what they can to pull their weight and make this event come to life. We all share the same passion and, even if we come from different fandoms, we all want to bring people together to share in that passion. I look forward to meeting, and chatting with, each and every one of you!

Ceasar Ortega

Marketing Coordinator/Administrative Asst., Iron Range Tourism Bureau

Marketing Coordinator, Chisholm Area Chamber of Commerce

Former east coaster turned Minnesotan, lived on the Iron Range going on 4 years. 

Some of my big fandoms would be Attack on Titan, Full Metal Alchemist, Star Wars, Marvel, and Made in Abyss

Full-time man-child, amateur alchemist, ‘House Gryffindor’ (which I will always find shocking), pro level Dead by Daylight player, podcaster, and aspiring 3d printer artist.


Our hero was born in an era where geeky and nerdy things were hidden, a time when talking about Dragons and magic would garner a sneer from others at best and usually a bit more scorn and ridicule at worst.  It is no surprise that Richelle rose in the ranks of this world with a fierce and strong independent desire to like whatever she likes and “who cares what others think.”  She started this journey working with Stephanie at the Library and helping with the events that would lead us to Range FanCon.  Today she works for the city of Virginia and enjoys a host of hobbies.  This list is not all inclusive:  Fantasy books and some sci-fi.  Video games, and it doesn’t matter which console or PC she likes it all.  Her favorites are RPGs.  “A Nord at heart”.  Her passions run on the larger side as Kaiju are her favorite form of entertainment and expression.  The occasional Godzilla “Schroooooonk” may be heard from her in times of pure frustration.  Richelle also likes to brew beer and mead. She is currently working on leather crafting, because who doesn’t want to try to make their own armor?  Collects D&D books more than she gets to play the game; the same can be said for her video games and systems. StarWars is a favorite of hers and will probably be till her dying day.   She also enjoys a good camping excursion, fishing and hunting.  During the last half of any given year she can be found on Sundays in the bar or at home goaning over the Vikings and still faithfully saying “next year, next year” in  a chant similar to one casting a spell.  Be cautious when approaching this creature, a Barq’s root beer will placate her quickly, a pizza will charm her and ice cream will raise her admiration levels.

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